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Everybody loves coffee breaks!

Vending machines and coffee breaks go hand in hand. Who doesn’t like a biscuit or bar with a nice hot cup of coffee? What is your favorite cup of coffee? Is it that glorious first cup of Joe in the morning when your eyes are open but your brain hasn’t quite caught up yet or maybe the champion cup is the one that reels you back into productivity from the afternoon slump. For me…it’s a tie. I am hard pressed to ever refuse a cup of coffee. Especially when the coffee comes from Coffee Mojo. I will not even hesitate to say they sell the best coffee I have ever had. Ever. Currently I am enjoying a Kenyan coffee, Gatomboya. I also adore Muxball and La Cascada. Do yourself a favor and visit their website, www.coffeemojo.ie and place an order. You will fall under the spell of this excellent coffee, but you will not regret it.

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